Bachelorette Par-Tay

All of my best girlfriends came into town at the beginning of the month to celebrate my last months of bachelorettism. I'm not going to lie, Scott and I met each other at such an amazing time in my life that I've gotten all the pointless partying out of my system and am ready to move on to the next stage of life with no regrets. Don't get me wrong, I still love to go out, but going to bars doesn't interest me unless I'm with great friends having great conversation. Therefore, that is what we geared the weekend around :-) We started frinday night by going to Chicks Oyster Bar, one of my favorite places in Va Beach. Unfortuntely, we didn't have an outside seat or a water view, but the company and food was great! On Satuday, we went to Amanda's where she threw a lingerie shower, then we went wine tasting at Fire and Vine, and went out to dinner at the oceanfront. The entire weekend was amazing and something I will absolutely never forget. Thanks to all my amazing friends who were able to come and to everyone that wasn't able to travel, we missed you and can't wait to party it up at the wedding!!!


God Bless our Little Angel Logan

My cousin WJ and his wife Lauren lost their 21 month old son, Logan, after a 5 month battle with leukemia at MCV. He was a precious child and we are all so thankful we had him in our lives for even the short time we did. Logan endured chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. He ended up getting graft-host disease which presented in his gastrointestinal tract. After much strength and courage through many up's and down's, the Lord called him home to be with Him. I know my grandmother is up in heaven right now playing with him and singing "There's a whole in the bottom of the sea" :-) I will miss watching Callie and Logan play together on Christmas Eve, but I hope we can all rejoice at the holidays knowing that Logan is at the best birthday party ever, right with Jesus.

Pa celebrated his 88th Birthday this Thursday! With everything going on this week, we decided to celebrate on Sunday. Lynn, Walter and Pa came and had lunch with Mom, Dad, Matt, Amanda, Callie, and I. Then we went to the oceanfront to see the Neptune Sandsculptures which were amazing!

Virginia Tech won their second game of the season. And I am now off to cheer for the Bears :-)


Week in Review

Last week was amazing- minus Thursday ;-)
Scott was in town Saturday through Wednesday and we went toPa's for lunch, had our first premarriage session with our minister, showed Scott all the wedding venues, watched football with the other VB Spiers, and RELAXED. The only thing that would have made it more relaxing would be if my AC was working........ I got it fixed on Wednesday and Scott was able to enjoy a cool home for about 2 hours before heading back to Indy. Thursday was horrible. Our policy at work needs to be changed. Currently no one fully covers the nursery unless I am gone for a full week. Soooooo when I got back on Thursday, I had 42 babies to see within 2 days. It was all better on Friday though when I left for Blacksburg with the fam. The outcome of the game was much better than I expected and I got to hang out all day with my brother :-) We had a great time tailgating, watching the game, and going downtown after. We went to TOTS for old times sake and got rails. You know you're taste palette has matured when something you remember tasting like fruit juice now just tastes like a bunch of liquor all mixed together....... I also learned the secret of Gumby's unclaimed pizzas and feel as though I missed out on a very important aspect of college life at Virginia Tech. Did anyone else know about this??? I can't wait to have a similarly amazing week again in October :-)


Fun, fun, fun

I had a great past week! I got to spend Monday night with Amanda and Callie watching the VT football game. We played outside, I gave Callie her bath, and we tried to teach Callie to say touchdown. I think she'll have it down by the ECU game next weekend. She's such a quick learner! Then on Wednesday night, Amanda had volleyball. Since Matt was out of town I got to babysit :-) We had a blast. Callie and I played outside, read books, sang songs, watched Mickey, and built a little tent. I even got her to sit still while watching top chef and she let me buff her nails. I'm trying to get her trained for manicures ;-) The only downside from the night, besides leaving to go back home, was the mosquito that I saw two seconds too late sitting under her eyebrow. She has horrible reactions to skeeters and Amanda had to take her to the doctor the next day because it was swollen to the point that her eye was a little slit. Poor Callie!
Scott and I haven't seen each other for 2 months! It has been the longest 2 months ever. He flies in tomorrow evening and flies back Wednesday night. It's going to be such a great weekend, even though my AC decided to completely die on Wednesday........... Hopefully it will be cool and breezy the next 5 days. On Sunday we will have our first pre-marriage counseling session with the minister in Richmond. We'll go by Pa's for lunch to spend time with my dad's family before heading to Richmond. At some point we'll go by to see Matt, Amanda, and Callie too. I talk so much to him about how Callie has grown and what new and fun things she is doing everytime I see her. I can't wait for him to see it all himself.
I'll try to remember to take some pictures to post!


Too cute

I had to post these from Amanda's Blog.
These were taken on July 4th at her parents house at Smith Mountain Lake.


Happy Father's Day

My parents were able to come in for Father's Day and stay through Wednesday since my mom is now on Summer vacation. We had a great time playing with Callie's new wagon that my dad made for her, grilling out, playing with the bubble machine, and getting ice cream.

I wonder where she learned to do this?!?!?!?!

The Callie Wagon designed by Grampie with a food grade coating so she can gnaw away.

Pictures and video of Callie Mae

Here are a few pictures from the evening I went with Matt, Amanda, and Callie to the beach for Amanda's beach volleyball game. There is also one thrown in from their trip to the lake to visit Amanda's parents. I was not there for it, but it is too cute to not post :-)